5 tips for the great smash cake session.

Being a first time mom, it’s really hard to plan everything. You want everything to be perfect for your baby’s first birthday. Sometimes you want to schedule everything on the same day. I completely understand it’s cost effective, but do you know how hard it will be? It will be a chaotic day for the baby as well as for you. I'm not scaring you but it will be extremely stressful for you as well as for the baby so my suggestion is, instead of making it stressful, you want to make smash cake fun. Smash cake is actually a fun filled session. It will be messy but SO MUCH FUN.
First let me tell you about how smash cake will be stressful if you do it ALL in one day..I know for your first baby birthday you want to have a big party for the baby 1st birthday. On the same day, the baby is going to see many new faces so the baby will have stranger anxiety. Baby will be looking for known faces. That’s the reason, if you plan a smash cake session separately, all of you will enjoy the cake with that smiley face. You can have those beautiful memories to see when years pass by.
Here are 5 steps for great smash-cake pictures.

1.Scheduling day :
This is the first step when you approach your baby's first birthday. If you'd like to use your portraits to display at a baby's birthday party we recommend planning a smash cake session a little earlier so by the time of the party you will have pictures ready. Do you know along with digitals we also provide tangible products.

2.Scheduling time :
Try to plan the session after the baby's afternoon nap. You may drive to the photographer at baby nap time, so on the way baby can sleep through. You can take extra turns if you grab coffee or ice cream on the way to a smash-cake session.

3.Wardrobe :
Keep it simple. Remember the phrase less is more. That exactly goes with the smash cake session. As per my style, I want viewer eyes to stay as well as connect with the baby. For boys, pants or bow tie or just a hat with pants. For girls, a simple tutu skirt or just a simple dress which draws your eyes to baby rather than dress. Babies will look good with anything. If you schedule the smash cake session with us, we will help you out to pick up an outfit. We plan multiple outfits to have variety, then we give the baby cake and have fun plus in the last we bring the cute baby bath tub with some bubbles so the baby can be washed.

4. Bring snacks :
Bring baby favorite dry snacks just in case for the start of session if the baby doesn't cooperate.

5.Bring baby’s favorite toys:
This will be crucial for the baby to laugh. We need to get the baby's attention and toys of the baby's choice will help us to look at the camera plus make her smirk. Who does not like those smiley pics?

Do you know we offer tangible products from your session along with the digitals so your baby can see those printed products when she/he is 10 years old. Imagining those memories mounted on your wall as an art gallery or flipping those album pages. Here is the example of one of our smash cake albums we have created for smash cake. Its custom design, we carefully craft this along with you and printed in our trusted professional lab in Italy.