create your own collections
  • Its 2 step process.
  • You will create your own collection by picking art product(s) & digital files.
  • Here is how it works.
step 1. choose your art(s)
Step one of Create Your Own Collection begins with picking something beautifully and tangibly printed for your home or your personal space. With the pre session planning and discussion about your goal for the end result, we will be photographing you with end result in mind so the decision will be easy for you. You art piece will be created and designed according to the aesthetics of the space it will be displayed. When you see your picture at ordering appointment you will be so excited to pick your art work.
Wall Art (Start with): $235
Albums (Start with): $395
step 2. choose digital files
Step two of Create Your Own Collection includes ALL the electronic negative from your session. They are fully enhanced for you to print. You have unlimited personal usage rights to the files. You can share your images with your friends and family. Although its sharable, iShai Photography still retains copyright to all image.
ALL High Res Digital Files: $695
ALL Low Res Digital Files: $425
a la carte
15 Low Res Digital Files: $425
20 High Res Digital Files: $895