If this is your first photography experience or just your first time planning a session with me, here’s a basic photo session info and the answers to common questions you may have:

  • Choose your session type:Visit the portfolio and choose your session type. Each gallery will give you a good idea of my style for that particular session type and what the experience is like.
  • What you want from your session and how long session the session is:  baby, family and maternity sessions last between 45 min to an hour. Newborn sessions greatly vary with each baby but on average, a typical session is between 2-3 hours. We take lots of breaks to keep both baby and parents happy.

Visit the product gallery and think how do you want to share and display these memories with your friends/family. This will be helpful for me too as we discuss your vision and also as I shoot and edit your session. For instance, I approach a session differently if I know the images will go to your wall to complement the décor than creating storyteller album showcasing what your three-year-old is into at this age. Give it a try to think as these two are two separate themes to capture.

  • The most important decision “pricing”: Visit investment page to schedule the date and time for your session. Fees are due on the session day.
  • The second most important contact me or meet me in person and talk about your vision: My calendar is booked in advance, so it is never too soon to get your session scheduled. Newborn sessions are booked during the second and third trimesters to ensure a spot on the newborn session calendar 7-10 days after birth. Initially I book your session on your approximate “due date” and when you call me after delivering we can schedule an exact session date. Maternity session usually take place after 31 weeks to show your full term maternity belly.
  • Let’s plan your dream session: Once your session is scheduled you pay retainer fee to book your spot, I will guide you with the tips for choosing outfits. You can also visit what to wear for pictures and look the best for your dream photo-shoot. If your session is a newborn session, I’ll provide you separate newborn session preparation guide so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Say cheese: Sessions are typically an hour in length with exception of newborns and smash cake. My goal to capture your family or child’s personality efficiently.
  • Wait for my call: Generally it takes 2-3 weeks for me to prepare your initial images to unforgettable memories after that we will schedule in-personal viewing at your convenience. I will walk you thru different ideas to display the pictures on wall and you can order your favorites to print.
  • Brag about it: The package comes with digital copies. Feel free to place them on your social media to show the awesome YOU!!
  • Like/Refer: If you have an amazing experience working with me like iShai Facebook page and drop your love note for me. If you refer a friend, and they book the session, you get a free wall mount print from your next session.