Let's begin with the end in mind!
Wall arts
Birth Announcements/Mini books
Memory box with digitals
Wall Art
You can either pick one or many wall art how you like. You can group together on wall or with days goes, your baby grows we can take more picture to fit the wall decor style.
You can either pick a book or album. Both the products are custom designed by me. Before I print it, we will have a skype call to show you the mock design.
Memory Box with digitals
You will get the memory box if you get big size digital files. As I mentioned digital files are not archival. If you lost your hard drive your pictures are gone too but with this memory box you can recreate those images. The print pictures have a charm of look and feel. You and your kid will be so happy to find this memory box in the closet while cleaning up. It will bring up all the memories.
Birth Announcements
Birth Annoucements are custom design per specific need. Its prints on velvet paper that noone want to put down after touching.
Mini Books
Mini books are best for the gift for grand parents. They come with magnetic cover so grand parents can mount those on fridge and admire that everyday.