Upscale and luxury home studio
Our luxury home studio is designed to serve
pregnant moms, new moms, your energetic kids,
and the whole family. We have all amenities for
you here so you can enjoy the experience.
Newborn expert
As an experienced newborn photographer,
safety is our first priority. When you hire us, you
do not need to lift a figure, we will take care of
anything and everything. We have an assistant
all the time to watch your baby while you relax
for the session. Not all the babies go to all
poses, every baby is different. We only pose
them to a position if they are comfortable
. We
want our clients to be worry free so you can
adore these special moments.
We have lots of props available. We have custom
gowns plus different types of silks & other fabrics
to style maternity pictures
. Newborn props including
hats, bonnets, rompers, hair bands, crates,
to pose the baby. All you need to do is to
just come with a smile and we will make sure you
& your baby will be the star!
Luxury facility
Our luxury facilities not just limited to props but
we also have changing station with diapers,
wipes and cream. We have lots of kids snacks
to avoid meltdowns, and coffee for you. We
have private dressing room available to prep
yourself before the session.
Display ideas
When you hire us as your photographer, you are
investing in you as an art product. We will plan to
display those images in your home as art pieces.
We promise that you will be so excited to show off
those on your wall or coffee table