Photo-shoot is your chance to show off your unique style thats why I created this “what to wear for photo session” to give you few ideas. First and foremost be comfortable and confident in what you wear to show off your best personality. Keep it simple and fun, which simply shows YOU!

Just three simple steps,

  • First pick up your “Inspiration Piece” that matches above criteria.
  • Add accessories such as scarves, hat, and jewelries. Layer with different colors, textures or patterns.
  • Try to choose clothing without brand names apparently visible.

For Newborn:

I love to go natural with touch of vibrancy with elegance. I have a variety of props including hats, headbands, wraps, covers, tutu for girls and blankets. I can also include your favorite props if you want.

For Maternity:

Depending on your style, choose an outfit to feel as beautiful as you are. Some like to wear maternity gown, some just comfortable in jeans or dress. From fitting tops to tank, long skirt that sit under the belly with layering and add accessories, anything will be awesome. I also have custom maternity gown which I can rent if you are interested.

For Partner:

Try to coordinate and compliment to each other but do not exactly match. Pick few color pops to coordinate with your partner.

For Children:

This depends on session location, but kids always look good with bright and bold colors. If you like soft tones then add pop like bright accessories, light patterns and textures. Subtle props can also be added to enhance the look, for examples – pearls, flowers, balloons. For the best pictures of kids, shoes really matter. Avoid wearing sneakers. The choice of shoes can make or break an outfit.

For Family:

As I have mentioned try to coordinate and complement each other but do not exactly match. Pick few color pops to coordinate with each other. For instance, a small girl soft pink dress goes with brother bow tie or mom scarf. If a daughter is wearing patterned dress then mom and dad should pick the color from that pattern to complement each other. Sister’s red rainy shoes can match with brother’s red sweater.